Our Program

Our desired outcome is for individuals to have housing and resources necessary to meet their basic needs; For parents to understand child development, and provide a safe and nurturing environment for themselves and their families; And for individuals to break the cycle of poverty by achieving their optimal potential.
Low Income Family

Who we want to serve

  • Individuals and families 18-30
  • Low-income individuals or families who have recently suffered from an unexpected life circumstance that has left them homeless or have experienced chronic homelessness.
  • Those individuals that want to change and provide a different life for themselves and their children (should they have them). A life different than the one they currently find themselves in.
  • Families in Riverside and San Bernardino County.

Who we can’t serve

  • Those who suffer from Drug Addiction
  • Those who suffer from Alcoholism
  • Those who are victims of Domestic Violence

Not because we don’t care and not because these are not very important matters however, we recognize that there are more qualified and equipped organizations to help these individuals. We are here to help those with the desire and who are on the cusp of getting out of their homeless situation given the right tools, this is where we come in and where we can help.

Drug Addiction

Our Goals

Housing Support for (1) Year – 365 Days

  • Giving 365 has a goal to house at least two families by 2020.
  • Housing will include rent, utilities (gas, water and electric).

*Note the goal at the end of that one (1) Year Individual or Family will be able to stay in housing provided or move out but will be able to pay for themselves (We will be using this year to prepare them to live on their own within the budget established during the year they lived with Giving 365)

Resource and Referral Services Will be Offered

Families will be provided with information about local community resources as needed. We understand and realize we can not be and do everything, we look forward to and welcome collaboration and partnerships that benefit our clients needs.
Life Skills

Family Services

  • Job Readiness Support – Resume Writing, Dressing for interviews, Local employers willing and ready to hire
  • Parent Education & Peer Support – Weekly Parenting Classes, Monthly Training
  • Child Care Resources – Help with finding affordable and dependable child care
  • Life Skills – Budgeting (How to become self sufficient after the year with Giving 365)
  • Self-Advocacy Trainings – Empowerment, Counseling as needed, Mentorship